Happy Hour Discussion on food security and autonomy

Nourrir Notre Monde Bonaventure and MRC Bonaventure are pleased to invite you to a Happy Hour Discussion on food security and autonomy. The event will take place at Ferme Bourdages in Saint-Siméon on Wednesday, October 26th, from 5pm to 7pm.

Our main objective will be to outline the kind of support Nourrir Notre Monde can bring to the table on those issues.

Please confirm your attendance by Thursday, October 20th; this will help the team at Ferme Bourdages to prepare the event accordingly.

As a way of refreshing our memories on these important topics, you’ll find attached a video clip detailing the components that are essential to “nurturing communities”.

Looking forward to having meaningful conversations with you,

Benjamin Pillet
Chargé de projet, Nourrir notre monde Bonaventure
(418) 680-5253