Working meeting of February 7 th ,2024 at 7:00 pm

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Working meeting of February 7 th ,2024 at 7:00 pm

1- Opening of the assembly
2- Reading and approval of agenda
3- Reading, approval and follow up minutes of meeting January 15 th , 24 th and 31 st 2024
4- Municipal inspector
5- Accounts payable
6- Commitment and financial support for the landfill site rehabilitation project and
application for funding from the Green Municipal Fund (GMF)
7- Consulting firm for the extension of Chemin de la Rivière
8- Commitment to the preservation of biodiversity
9- Administration
10- PG-Solution Accounting Software
11- URLS membership renewal
12- Report location of Community Center
13- Donations
14- Correspondence
15- Street lights
16- Councillors reports concerning different municipal files
17- Question period
18- Meeting adjournment
If you can be present at the meeting, please advise me by email at:

Sylvie Francoeur
General Director and