MADA (Senior Friendly Municipality) program

You can complete the survey online by clicking directly on this link.   You can also go directly to the MRC de Bonaventure website, but be careful to click on the correct municipality where you live.

National Fraud Prevention Month

March is the month for urging awareness around The National Fraud Prevention Month. On this occasion, we would like to remind citizens that the protection of personal information concerns everyone: public organisations, enterprises and civilians. (more…)

Council meeting

Please take note that the council meetings will continue to be behind closed doors for as long as the 2 metres social distancing measures are not abolished. Thank you Sylvie Francoeur General Director


The Municipality of Hope Town inform their citizens that the next regular meetings will be held behind closed doors via conference call until further notice from the government; (more…)

New website

The municipality of Hope Town is proud to annonce the redesign of the official Website.  It was developed for all platforms including mobile devices. SMT Web and Marketing, a Web design firm, located in Saint-Godefroi, worked with Sylvie Francoeur,  to reorganize contents and simplify the user’s experience with the website.  Specialized...