Business directory

Industries FIPEC

Custom made nets and traps!
Fishing apparatus
Manufacturing of lobster and crab traps
Manufacturing of nets of all sorts
Owner: Daniel Desbois
Telephone:  (418) 752-3632

Camping des Étoiles

Owners: Patrice Bonneville
Telephone: (418) 752-6553

Le 206

House for rent by the week
Owner: Diane Thériault
Telephone: (418) 752-3915
Cell: (418) 752-0230

McWhirter Inc.

Wood transport
Cut wood on private lands, tree mulching
Forestry road maintenance
Sand blasting on industrial equipment
Owner: Jack McWhirter
Telephone: (418) 752-2527
Cell: (418) 752-0189

Moulin Tim McGuire

Owner: Tim McGuire
Telephone: (418) 752-6472 ou (418) 752-5464
Cell: (418) 751-4489

Robert Loisel Enr.

Snow removal
Excavation work
Owne: Robert Loisel
Telephone: (418) 752-3915
Cell: (418) 752-0126

Salon Nicole

Owner: Nicole Manning
249, Route 132 West, Hope Town (Québec)  G0C 3C1
Telephone: (418) 752-2337

Galerie d’Art
Enid Legros-Wise RCA

Porcelain jewelry, unusual objects and sculpture in porcelain and other materials, photos.
384 Route 132 East
Hope Town, Quebec G0C 3C1
Telephone: 418 752 5406
Phone ahead or come by chance. You are always welcome.